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Full Version: What do u drive?
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OK so im bored... Looking at the forum thinking god! someone post something have decent rather than a lost final thread so i thought hmmm everyone here now must be at the age of DRIVEING! old enough...etc etc so basically what do u drive? IE Car, Not fucking manta's...etc were talking real mother fucking cars ok :P

Now i no cars are diffrent from country to country so hey! Should be intrested so ill go 1st!

Been driveing for 3 1/2 years ive

I Currenlty have 2 cars!

My lovely MK3 Golf GTI 2.0 8v


My fav car BMW E36 328I

So post ya shit people and no cheating anyone can get a image and say its there car :P

i'll post my car soon, been to busy to take a picture
i'll get a front shot so it can say CHEEEEEEEEEEESSEEEE
My 1982 Mk1 Golf GTI smile.gif

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