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Full Version: Its a blast from the past!
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Hi biggrin.gif

long time, thought i'd pop here to see if anyone was about. i hardly play any games at the moment! :(
yo how've you been? haven't played much either
you know acid i just came up with a brilliant idea, i think. since no one uses xfire or steam that much, im assuming we all have facebook, or myspace, or something. so i was thinking... yea i know i shouldnt BUT i thought what if we made a 6lo facebook page? so we can all stay in touch since the forums arent such a hot spot anymore. and i dont use aim that much, or msn. so what do ya say?
i just wanna know how long it took u to come up with that brilliant idea. i bet someone helped you too.
anyways genius we already have a site, whats the point of a facebook page? just 1 more link to check out.

next time leave the thinking to members with iq higher than 60 trix, you are just good at making inappropriate sounds on vent.
lol facebook!!!!! gogogogo
Lawl, I play L4D...can't wait for L4D2 biggrin.gif

Also may possibly get Borderlands if people say its good.
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