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Full Version: COD:WAW
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so i tried the beta for the new cod game, its alright. besides it being really laggy at first its an ok game. some things just dont feel right tho. when you sprint, your an olympic gold medalist and you can run for days, but you eventually stop. the guns are ok, not futuristic guns tho, the shitty ww2 guns. some are ok. the game seems challenging because you can rank higher than 55 and you have 10 custom slots. the sniper is gay... its just a regualr rifle with a sniper mounted on it. they have dogs that attack you now but idk how to get them. they have ctf. still have s&d and all the rest, and still have hardcore. they still have airstrikes, but idk about helis, were they around then? i dont think so, but idk if they have a 7 kill stream special. but anyways this is just my thoughts on the game, not sure if im gonna buy it or not, but cod4 is better right now imo

ok tried a little s&d just now, planting and defusing takes forever. it was hardcore also, which doesnt feel like hardcore, cuz i wasted quiet a few bullets than i should with stopping power. and they have this other gametype called war. not sure what its about i guess ill try it later on. as for the maps, theres 3, roadhouse (havent played yet), castle, and makin. maps are big, with lots of garbage and other things laying around that you would probably see in ww2, which i dont care for but its another ww2 game, what do you expect. castle seems like a good map, makin has water which is cool. but i lagged out of game and decided to continue writing some shit here. will play later on and keep you updated... im lvl 7 now woo!

ok i tried out the sniper today, it kinda sux. its got a dirty scope, which makes it more realistic i guess. but its really inaccurate and its got a fast reload without slight of hand. s&d is what ive been mostly playing to lvl up. it takes forever to lvl up in this game too. some of the guns i pick up from higher lvl players are pretty cool. some suck but w/e. its harder to see the claymore things (not sure what they are called), cuz they dont have trip lines, and when you walk infront of one it jumps up and blows you in the face. the game gets better when you lvl up more i guess. better options to choose from. the uav is gay too. you have to pull up the map instead of it showing up in the top left hand corner. so you have to press your map key and you put your gun away and the map shows on your screen. and you gotta wait for the radar to go over the map. sux! and now im done writing for today... will continue to keep you updated... LVL 12 NOW O YEA!!!

okso the game is actually turning out to be a good game. and yes poofy they still have that jumping thing, where after you jump once you only jump like 2 cm. back to the review, there is no helicopters, its the dogs, which are pretty bad ass. it sends out 4 dogs i think, they can be killed which sucks cuz you can easily knife them or pistol them and they're dead. you get +3 for killing a dog. some of the weapons arent too bad, but some are shit. even clicking as fast as i can the semi-automatics arent that fast. the tank is so gay. especially for s&d. its stupid... and they have vehicle challenges. yes they do have a flame thrower, its perk 3. the game has a lot of ambient sounds that really fuck the game up so much. some servers suck really big balls. console messages telling you to use your sights, no bunny hopping, and dont jump from a second story. the time limit for s&d on some of the servers is too long so you really have to wait. score limt for tdm, is like 500 for a 32 man server WTF. some gay admin problems too. tried to get a guy kicked for haxing this morning, and it wasnt working. noob admin. but the game really isnt that bad for just fucking around and throwing moltavs at people and watching the burn. but the weapons are just so gay. look nice but gay. and they have a 3rd person view spectator mode. lvl 20!! half way there

alright, a little something about the menu for cod:waw, its got a buddy system kinda like ut2k4 and ut3, and you can invite friends to the server your in, and find people just like in ut2k4. kinda cool. getting kinda tired of the same 3 maps over and over again. tanks in s&d is stupid. fun to run over people tho. stupid rules on servers really make you wanna make you quit. you can drop the bomb. i figured this out like not too long ago. they have bayonets for snipers cuz your knife isnt good enough. lots of different attachments for different classes. i think this game could be something fun maybe some scrims. things to adjust to are the weaps. smoke from smoke grenades is punie, tapun gas is a gay stun sucks, flash is a better special grenade. can get on the roof on one map. im thinking of buying it, but ill wait a week before i get it. hear some other reviews. lvl 26 WOOOOO

i just lost all my stats for the beta and it crashed my comp, everytime i exit it, so im done playing the beta, but im gonna wait a week before i actually buy the game. so if you do decide to get the game i recommend staying away from servers that have TR (Tactical Realism) anywhere in the server name, because its gay if you like playing buy 100+ rules. cant even throw a "spam nade" or console will bitch at you. and apparently cod5 is a better game than cod4, just because its a ww2 game. cod6 futuristic warfare maybe?
I'm glad they're making yet ANOTHER WW2 game. This must be WW2 game number 632. You think they'd run out of fucking ideas of how to make a game about the SAME thing by now.
yea its fucking stupid, army games dont have any good ideas. unless they try making a futuristic war that will never happen
another update!!
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